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Growing your business is easy and profitable with access to our resources and the ability to elevate your customers and help them become more strategic with BambooHR.

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Perfect for “ABC Partners”—that is, Accountants (or Advisors), Benefits Brokers, or Consultants

Our Referral Program is the perfect fit for what we call ABC Partners.  Here’s how it works:  You use our marketing materials to show your clients all that BambooHR can do.  Then you send them our way and we do the rest.  That’s it.  No closing the sale, migrating their data, or providing support.  We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes.

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Begin making the most of your network.

thumbs up icon  Recommend the No. 1 HR software for small and medium business
up arrow icon  Help your clients elevate their HR practice
shield icon  Protect against competition
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Resources and benefits you receive as a Referral Partner
  • Partner enablement portal access
  • Access to marketing collateral and product information
  • Trackable links for marketing use
  • Online lead registration form
  • Access to our Partner Team
  • Webinar email templates to send your clients and prospects

“We love that Bamboo is a one stop solution for our [customers] HRIS needs.  [Their] employees love using it as well since it provides them with all the information they need in an easy to use website.”

Ahsan Ijaz  Ahsan Ijaz, Ijaz & Associates

“We were thrilled when we discovered that by using the Applicant Tracking System we were able to reduce staff time spent on hiring by 66% and reduce the overall hiring cost by 75%. Many of our clients don’t have a system for hiring and we have been talking to them about BambooHR and explaining how much it has helped us be more efficient and cost effective for hiring.”

Rebecca Bell  Rebecca Bell, Office Hero

Ready to become a Referral Partner?

Don’t worry, there is no fee or sales commitment to join this program.  Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way! After you sign our agreement and provide us with a W-9, our Partner Team will send you a Welcome Email to officially welcome you to the Referral Program and provide you with the next steps.

Electronic signatures

1. Review and electronically sign BambooHR’s Referral Agreement


2. Fill out a W-9.  If you are international, a W-8 form is required.


3. Register for the Partner Enablement Portal.

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