BambooHR API Terms of Use


We think sharing is a good thing. Our open API makes it easy to integrate other applications with BambooHR so data can be shared across systems.
The BambooHR API is a RESTful Internet protocol built around making semantically meaningful HTTPS requests to access or modify a resource (usually an employee). The API can be used to retrieve or manipulate employee data and to generate reports in several formats.
Although our open API is available to anyone, our mission with the BambooHR Apps Marketplace is to present and recommend highly valuable, tried, tested, and vetted Integrated Partner Services to our prospects and customers. These API Terms of Use are intended to make it easy to integrate with us and explain how we expect you to use our API as a participant in the BambooHR Apps Marketplace.

Getting API access

As long as you follow these Terms, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license under BambooHR’ intellectual property rights to use the APIs to develop, test, and support your Application, and to let your customers use your integration of the APIs within your Application. BambooHR’s open API documentation is available online at

Scope of your API access

Partner must use efficient programming, which will not cause too many requests to be made in too short a period of time, as-determined solely by BambooHR. If this occurs, BambooHR reserves the right to throttle Partner’s API connections, or suspend or terminate Partner’s BambooHR account(s). 
BambooHR’s APIs allows Apps Marketplace Partners to build an integration in order to distribute any purchased Partner services within the BambooHR Apps Marketplace or build an integration or Custom app on the Customer’s behalf, in accordance with our Customer’s Terms of Use and this Terms of Use (“Legitimate Use”). The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would not be considered Legitimate Use:

  1. Impersonation of any other person.
  2. Falsely state or imply that you are associated with another person or entity
  3. Use someone’s API Access to show his or her Content to someone else (e.g., as part of search results).
  4. Each Apps Marketplace Partner Application accessing BambooHR’s APIs must authenticate using BambooHR’s Login API before retrieving an API Key on behalf of a Customer’s user or retrieving Customer’s data.
  5. Use the APIs in any Application that includes adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under 21 years of age, or otherwise violates any applicable law or regulation.
  6. Use the APIs to retrieve Content that is then aggregated with third party search results in such a way that an end user cannot attribute the Content to BambooHR (i.e., aggregated search results).
  7. Submit or link to any content (through API) that:
    1. Misappropriates or infringes or the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity;
    2. Interferes with the operation of the API or its purpose as described within the API documentation;
    3. Violates anyone’s privacy or publicity rights;
    4. Breaches any duty of confidentiality or nondisclosure that you owe to anyone or any use restriction;
    5. Provides any Confidential information about BambooHR, BambooHR Customers or any other company or person without authorization (including the names and contact information for BambooHR employees;
    6. Is, in BambooHR Management’s judgment, harassing, defamatory, abusive, lewd, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable;
    7. Contains or installs any viruses, worms, bugs, Trojan horses, malware or other code,
    8. Files or programs designed or having the capability to disrupt, damage or limit the functionality of any software or hardware;
    9. Contains false or deceptive language, unsubstantiated or comparative claims regarding BambooHR’ products or other Partner Services, advertising, commercial referrals, spam, chain letters, or any other solicitation, including solicitation of lawsuits.
  1. Use of Customer data beyond what is described within the written guidelines as provided by BambooHR or beyond what is specifically agreed and required within the scope of the integration.
  2. Use any BambooHR web services, Customer Systems or other Data Migration tool to insert content into the BambooHR platform beyond what is recommend or described by BambooHR – for the avoidance of any doubt, always contact the BambooHR Relationship Manager.
  3. Use any BambooHR web services, Customer Content or other Data to develop a 3rd party integration or application without written confirmation from a BambooHR employee. All integrations or applications that are built must follow the written guidelines as provided by BambooHR.
  4. Distribute or allow access to data obtained through BambooHR’s APIs to anyone other than the company on whose behalf you agreed to these Terms, or create an application programming interface that enables access to Content or Data. Anyone who wants to access our APIs and Content must use BambooHR’s APIs to do so.
  5. Implement features or business practices that harm the professional reputation, relationships, or professional ecosystem of BambooHR customers or other Partners.

Test accounts

You may create up to 2 (two) BambooHR test accounts for purposes of testing your Application only. You must create the accounts manually and not via any automated means, such as scripts.
These test accounts must not interact with non-test accounts or other Partner Services (for example, you can’t use test accounts to Post fake or real Jobs to existing BambooHR job board partners), or override the BambooHR API call limits.

Support and modifications

BambooHR may provide you with support or modifications for the APIs in our sole discretion and we may stop providing support or modifications to you at any time without notice or liability to you.
We may release subsequent versions of the APIs and require that you use those subsequent versions, where reasonable possible we will keep APIs backwards compatible yet will expect a proactive approach from all APIs user to use the most recent version. Your continued use of the APIs following a subsequent release will be deemed your acceptance of modifications.

Notices and service of process

There are various informational resources made available via access to the Partner Portal ( This content is owned and made available by BambooHR.  We may notify you via updates on the Partner Portal or via the email address associated with your Partner Portal account, test accounts, or BambooHR user account on file.

Termination and Deletion of API access

BambooHR reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion without liability to you or any third party to modify, suspend or terminate your API access or the access the BambooHR platform. BambooHR may amend these Terms and will provide the latest term upon each agreement renewal.

Unlawful and Abnormal Activity

Other practices may be relevant in determining Legitimate Use and BambooHR reserves the right to take any unlawful, prohibited, abnormal or unusual activity into account in making its determination. BambooHR may at its option, terminate its relationship with you, or may suspend your API access immediately if it determines you are using your subscription contrary to this BambooHR’ Terms of Use. Where reasonable, BambooHR will provide you with notice of improper usage before suspension or termination of your API access and, if appropriate, BambooHR may offer you an alternative API access.


You agree to assist BambooHR in verifying your compliance with these Terms by providing us with information about your Integration and Application, which may also include access to your Application and other materials related to your use of the APIs. If you do not demonstrate full compliance with these Terms, we may restrict or terminate your access to the APIs.

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