Authorized Reseller Program

Create stickier client relationships by expanding your services to include BambooHR.

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Build stronger relationships with your customers by
bringing them Bamboo love.

As an Authorized BambooHR Reseller, you and your clients will be bonded together by all the good BambooHR has to offer. After receiving in-depth training, you will be selling, implementing, and providing first-level support for BambooHR tools. You will capitalize on your industry expertise, stay close to your clients, and give them the personal attention they need – all while providing them with valuable HR tools that set them free to do great work. That’s what we call Bamboo love.

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Happy customers make sticky customers.

thumbs up icon  Resell the No. 1 HR software for small and medium business
up arrow icon  Elevate your clients HR practice
shield icon  Protect against competition with expanded services
dollar icon  Earn recurring and implementation revenue

Resources and benefits you receive as an Authorized Reseller Partner
  • Partner enablement portal access
  • Access to marketing collateral and product information
  • Reseller Portal to create and manage customer accounts
  • Training on BambooHR software and services
  • Online lead claim registration form to help prevent channel conflict
  • Access to our Partner Team and API experts
  • A fully-loaded sample BambooHR account for product demos

“Bamboo continues to set new standards in terms of all around excellence. Thanks so much for your help…I’m not sure what’s in the water over there, but it’s great stuff!! BambooHR rocks!!”

Jim Demyen  Jim Demyen,  Sigla Group, Authorized BambooHR Reseller

Authorized Reseller Training Courses
  • BambooHR culture, mission, vision, and core values
  • How to market and sell BambooHR with your value-added services
  • Guidelines, policies, and expectations of program
  • Import tool and implementation process training
  • Advanced feature training


Program Requirements

  • Execute BambooHR Reseller Agreement
  • Program fee of $2,000 USD
  • Attainable monthly sales commitment
  • Complete program training successfully

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