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Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Hiring System | BambooHR


I need to hire the right people as quickly as possible.

Golden Question(s):
“Do you know your average Time-to-Hire?”

“How long do candidates typically spend in each hiring phase?”

“How effective are your Time-to-Hire measurement tools?”

“How do you determine where hiring bottlenecks are occurring?”

Value Message:
With application notifications, applicant funnel reporting, and the ATS mobile app, the BambooHR ATS allows you to move quickly while staying organized through all phases of hiring, so you can focus on evaluating the right candidates instead of worrying about your process.

– Automatic application notification
– Applicant funnel reporting
– ATS mobile app
– Comment notifications
– Collaborative hiring teams

In today’s candidate-driven job market, I need to make the candidate experience a great one.

Golden Question(s):
“How easy is it for candidates to complete your applications?”

“How long does it take for candidates to complete an application?”

“How long does it take you to move a candidate into your hiring process?”

“How long does it take you to move a candidate through your hiring process?”

“How quickly are you able to respond to candidate questions?”

(58% of candidates who have a poor candidate experience cite poor communication as the main reason)

Value Message:
BambooHR helps you create an exceptional candidate experience from start to finish with an intuitive application process for candidates and powerful communication tools for recruiters and hiring managers.

– Required/option application questions
– Custom application questions
– Automatic application notifications
– Hiring team comment notifications
– Call and email candidates directly from ATS
– Mass communication with email templates
– Applicant funnel reporting

I need modern recruiting tools to acquire talent before others in our area do.

Golden Question(s):
“How easy is it to review candidate resumes when away from your computer?”

“How easy is it to send an email or text to candidates when away from your computer?”

“Can you currently move candidates through your hiring process while away from your computer?”

“How easy is it to communicate and coordinate with hiring team members while away from your computer (are those decisions being tracked in your ATS)?”

Value Message:
BambooHR includes an ATS mobile app called BambooHR Hiring, that allows you to you review candidates the instant they apply, quickly coordinate with hiring team members, and communicate directly with candidates to keep things moving efficiently.

– Automatic application notification
– Hiring team comment notifications
– Email templates
– BambooHR Hiring – the ATS mobile app


It’s integrated
Unlike other Applicant Tracking Systems, the BambooHR ATS is fully integrated with BambooHR, which means you only have to enter candidate data once.

It’s included
The BambooHR ATS is included in the price of the Advantage package.

The BambooHR HRIS includes robust onboarding functionality, something many ATS systems do not have.


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